Is there such a thing as doggie O.C.D.?
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

by Stacey Ennis Betters

I only ask because I think my dog, Butler a.k.a "Little man" could possibly be afflicted with Dog Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I guess you need to know a little bit about Butler's background to fully understand.

My parents live out in the country and one day from their yard, I could see a very haggard, starved dog come up to the fence. He had spotted us and I think psychically drew us over to him. At first glance, he had what appeared to be a huge tick on one of his eyes, where in fact it was a cherry eye. You could count all of his ribs and he was covered in ticks. As I started to pick them off I stopped counting after 40 (Ughhh!).

Blonde shepherd mix dog looking through dog door

Ok you get the picture...he was in horrible shape so I cleaned him up, fed him and started emailing rescue groups to take him. Of course, like so many others he was simply a stray that no one wanted and the rescue groups are generally full...especially in summer.

Well, Butler became part of my little fur family and is very grateful to be here. For the first couple of years, he was very sciddish and ran from anyone that came in the house, but as time has gone by he has become quite the love bug.

A few years ago, I installed a dog door. Opening the door every few minutes for three dogs became a hassle. The other two zoomed right through it, no problem. But as you know if you have one of the flap dog doors, each time it closes, it sounds like a loud snap where the magnets are connecting.

Butler evidently had lots of trauma in his past because the sound of that snap scared the %%$$##@@!!! out of him! Eventually, he did come through the dog door after a long while. I think he simply got tired of being left out as the other two would enter.

This leads to the present...he constantly goes over to check that it is open. He will obsessively poke his little nose through the dog door and raise the flap just enough to peak, out, in, out, in, out...over and over. I hear the little snap, snap, snap...

Is this dog obsessive compulsive disorder? Is he checking to see what is on the other side? Is he checking to ensure that it is open? Or does he enjoy that little snapping sound that scared him in the past?

I guess I will never know, but should just be glad he spotted me that day in the yard.

There is no greater love than the love of a dog that has been through suffering, pain and loneliness. If you want a friend for life...pick up a stray dog!